September 28, 2021, 19:30
Salon der Republik

«Salon der Republik» – Wie viel Patriarchat steckt in der Literatur?

The authors Nicole Seifert and Ivna Zic will be guests at the next – and for the time being last – Literature Salon on 28 September in Zurich.

Nicole Seifert had enough at some point. Because the literary world is still decidedly male-dominated, she decided a good three years ago to read only books by female authors for the time being. On her blog and in German-language media, she wrote about her readings and about misogyny in the literary scene – and has now bundled all the debates on the topic into a nonfiction book that has just been published:

Nicole Seifert: Frauen Literatur: Abgewertet, vergessen, wiederentdeckt. Kiepenheuer & Witsch, Cologne 2021. 224 pages, approx. 26 francs.

At the upcoming «Salon der Republik» this book will be discussed – together with the author as well as with the writer and director Ivna Žic, who was nominated for both the Swiss and the Austrian Book Prize in 2019 with her debut novel Die Nachkommende. Both guests will discuss Nicole Seifert's book with the salon team (Barbara Villiger Heilig, Daniel Binswanger, Daniel Graf) and also take a look at the literary sociological study Schreiben by Basel scholar Carolin Amlinger.

Please note: Because the Cabaret Voltaire is being renovated, Cabaret Voltaire will be guesting the «Salon der Republik» at the Zurich Literaturhaus, on Tuesday, 28 September, at 19:30.

The ticket price is 14 CHF, for Republic subscribers and members of Cabaret Voltaire 8 CHF. Tickets can be purchased directly from the Literaturhaus website.

Please note the current safety concept of the Literaturhaus Zürich.

Important: This time, the event will not be available as a podcast, as in the past. In general, there will be some changes at the «Salon der Republik». The event in September will be the last in this form, after which we will take a break – and conceptualize a new approach.