«Embracing Necessity 1916 2002 2022» – 20 years since the squatting of the Cabaret Voltaire

20 years ago, on February 2, 2002, artists and activists squatted Spiegelgasse 1 - the place of origin of Dada. The squatting ended on April 2, 2002 with an eviction (according to the story), which was preceded by an agreement between the city and the squatters. Only since this action the place was perceived as a house for cultural activities again. A little more than 20 years later, we celebrate and reflect on this important initiative and have invited via circular letter actors of that time to visit the Cabaret Voltaire on June 24 and 25, 2022 or to show a contribution. The central questions are «How is space created and what does it mean to create space?». Both in 1916, in 2002 and in 2022, these questions were and are valid to ask when it comes to finding out to what extent cultural creation is made possible and what preconditions, narratives and after-effects are associated with artistic activity. We are looking forward to the following framework program, which maybe will be extended by spontaneous additions.

Friday, 24.06.2022

–6 p.m.: Opening: «ten pet bottles hanging on the wall» by Mark Divo and Pavel Emelianov. Presentation of selected photographs from that time
–8 p.m.: Podcast «Dada2025»: Last episode live at Cabaret Voltaire
A podcast series of the «Maison du Futur» has been running since February 2, 2022 to celebrate the anniversary. The last episode will be broadcast at the Cabaret Voltaire. Followed by a talk with Jean-Pierre Hoby, Mark Divo, Anja Nora Schulthess and Salome Hohl. The podcast is intentionally called «Dada2025» because this podcast has set itself a long-term goal - namely, to write the history of Cabaret Voltaire.
–Followed by: DJ Chiri Moya
Behind Chiri Moya is the artist Maja Hürst, also known as Tika.

Saturday, 25.06.2022

–8 p.m.: Lenin Dada and Squatters (speech/music/performance with Knarf Rellöm and Tillamanda)
–10 p.m.: Everyone is invited to perform on the open stage at Ajana Dracula & friends' «Chaostage». Stage, microphones, a piano, amplifier, beamer and a maximum of 10 minutes each will be available for the performances. Welcome and registration from 9 pm on site or at ajanadracula239@gmail.com.

Open Call «Chaostage» – participate!
On Saturday, June 25, the «Chaostage» of Ajana Dracula & friends will take place at Cabaret Voltaire. Everyone is invited to perform on the open stage: Making speeches, sing songs, play instruments, perform dances, do performances, rap, recite poetry, show a film – all contributions are welcome.
For the performances, a stage, microphones, a piano, amplifier, a computer, beamer and max. 10 minutes are available.
In all languages. Costumes are welcome!
Doors: 21:00
Free entrance.
Registrations to ajanadracula239@gmail.com
We look forward to a large turnout and participation!

From July 5 to July 16, the Dada Festival Weeks will take place at the Rote Fabrik.