Support Cabaret Voltaire - the Birthplace of DADA in 1916 and a non-profit performance art space - in going forward to the Next 100 years!

Your membership allows the vision of Cabaret Voltaire to flourish: As a contemporary performance art space originating in DADA to become a Gesamtkunstwerk. While providing fundamental support to historical DADA projects, we research and present experimental new productions in Cabaret Voltaire and around the world.

Join us for a new year of performance in 2018 and bring DADA to the future!

We are delighted to offer you following possibilites of supporting Cabaret Voltaire:


  • CHF/USD 165.- // EUR 145.-
  • CHF/USD 70,- // EUR 60.- (reduced for students and artists)

Support Cabaret Voltaire as a «Member» (1 year) of the DADA Movement and

«Members» receive

  • a special edition membership card
  • free entry for our events

«Members» will be

  • mentioned on our website
  • part of the exclusive «Member» mailing list to stay updated about our latest activities and antics

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Cabaret Voltaire is a non-profit institution exempted from tax. Donations can be deducted from taxes in Switzerland.


  • CHF/USD 2900.– // EUR 2500.–

Support Cabaret Voltaire as a «Patron» of the Voltaire Guild!

«Patrons» receive

  • all the benefits of a «Member», plus:
  • a personal «Dada blessing ritual» in Cabaret Voltaire.
  • invitations to private dinners with Cabaret Voltaire’s artists and curators.
  • personal invitations to projects outside of Cabaret Voltaire (excl. travel and accommodation costs)
  • a yearly luxury edition of the «Cabaret Voltaire–Recueil Artistique» magazine, including an artist’s edition


  • meet once a year for an exchange, dinner and special performances in Cabaret Voltaire; and
  • explore Dada hotspots with Adrian Notz, Cabaret Voltaire director, gaining exclusive insights into art collections and local art scenes (excl. travel and accommodation costs)

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Cabaret Voltaire is a non-profit institution exempted from tax. Donations can be deducted from taxes in Switzerland.

Bank details

Please feel free to transfer your membership fee directly onto our bank account:

Zürcher Kantonalbank, Postfach, 8010 Zürich
IBAN: CH32 0070 0110 0007 7322 2 / BIC (SWIFT): ZKBKCHZZ80A
Inhaber: Trägerverein Cabaret Voltaire

We look forward to welcoming you as a special guest in Cabaret Voltaire!

For further information, please contact Tara Lasrado,

Members of Cabaret Voltaire

Jürgen Häusler, Patrick Hug, Jean-Pierre Hoby, Werner Sieg, Hayat Erdogan, Kerim Seiler, Jonathan Meese, Peter Haerle, Raimund Meyer, Ingeborg Lüscher Szeeman, Christoph Haerle, Sonia Bischoff, Dada Buda, Antshi von Moos, Eirini Sourgiadaki, Sandra Norma Schudel, Miriam Walther Kohn, Susanne Steigler, Katja Brunner, Romina Karimi, Silvia Werder, Dimitri de Perrot, Catherine Zehnder, Martin und Anna Vollenweider, Res Bosshart, Fritz Senn, Robert Notz, Andrea Ries, Roland Wagner, Christoph Gassman, Hans Jürg Keller, Barbara Higgs, Gisela Koch, Johannes Gees, U. Voser, Julia Reichert, Mark Richli, Ronald Amsler, Thorsten Arnold, Peter Müri, Peter Toggenburger, Markus Gossolt, Alf Klein, Martin Mühlheim, Sabine Gisiger, Herman Kuijer, Maude Vuilemumier, Stephan Meylan, Simone Karpf, Philipp Cron, Marcel Lorenz, Philipp Meier, Philippe Welti, Andrea Kühbacher, Anton Astrom, Christiane Brunner Hafter, Maria Jose Echanove Hornos, Simon Risi, Franziska Winkler, Olaf Knellessen, Raffaella Amadori, Urs Wolf.

Member of the Dada Movement - Mitgliedschaftskarte
Goldene Hugo Ball Special Edition Mitgliedschaftskarte, designed by Ivan Martinez, 2017
Member of the Voltaire Guild - Mitgliedschaftskarte Patron
Platin Dada Tänzerin Special Edition Mitgliedschaftskarte, designed by Ivan Martinez, 2017