Cabaret Voltaire hosts the Zurich premiere of «Theodora or The Progress». The screening at 20:00 will be followed by a discussion with Elise Lammer, Izidora L. LETHE and Salome Hohl. Already on view are elements of the scenic landscape by Cee Füllemann, which will be also part of the performance by the collective Alpina Huus at Cabaret Voltaire during the Zurich Art Weekend on Friday 10 June, 21:00 and Saturday 11 June, 12:00.

In the midst of generational, climate and economic crises, the film «Theodora or The Progress» by the collective Alpina Huus questions the view of reality and the legitimacy of speech. «Theodora or The Progress» is a collective artistic project that includes an installation, music pieces and performances by a group of international artists such as Hugo Canoilas, Cee Füllemann, Tarren Johnson, Elise Lammer, Alizee Lennox, Sarah Margnetti, Julie Monot, Lucien Monot, Florence Peake, Jessy Razafimandimby, Mia Sanchez, Eve Stainton and Niels Trannois.

The film addresses the notion of empowerment and explores the potential of the subconscious. Drawing on a body of work by Virginia Woolf, Adrian Piper and Lisa Simpson, Deleuze and Guattari, as well as Snoop Dogg and Franz Kafka, the film emphasises the capacity of non-verbal communication as a means of employing strategies against different kinds of discrimination. Based on the name of possibly the first feminist figure, the empress Theodora (500 AD), «Theodora or The Progress» depicts the transformation of the narrator and some of his accomplices into a pack of dogs. «Theodora or The Progress» stages a collective takeover that speaks of love, transformation and transcendence.