On Thursday, February 9, «The Psychedelic Salon» will take place once again at Cabaret Voltaire. The event will include a lecture by Susanne G. Seiler titled «The Love you Take is Equal to the Love you Make. LSD in the Sixties.» It is followed by a psychedelic DJ set by Kalabrese.

«The love you make is equal to the love you take» is a Beatles quote that sums up the philosophy of the peace and love era, when hippies were experimenting with alternative therapies. LSD therapy, for example, which was still legal in North America at the time, was widely used. At this event, no drugs will be taken, but the state of psychedelic research will be discussed. Already the Dadaists were interested in the role of the unconscious and consciousness-expanding substances. In recent years, the topic of psychedelics has met with great interest in society, in the arts, and in science – we are experiencing a psychedelic renaissance (also in conventional medicine). Education and exchange about the human constitution and the effects of substances must be given space.

Susanne G. Seiler studied sociology and linguistics in Toronto and Ottawa, Canada. She is the editor of the bilingual newsletter «gaiamedia goodnews» and organizes and moderates the monthly «The Psychedelic Salon». As a contemporary witness of the beginnings of the drug culture in the sixties and seventies, she got to know many of its protagonists such as Timothy Leary, Albert Hofmann, the psychologist and theologian Jean Houston, Terence McKenna or the dolphin and consciousness researcher John C. Lilly. Susanne lives in Zurich and is working on a book about her experiences, which will be published in autumn under the title «Mein psychelisches Leben» by Nachtschatten Verlag, Solothurn.

Kalabrese (Sacha Winkler) is a Zurich musician, DJ, music producer and co-owner of Club Zukunft who will delight us with a psychedelic set. More information: http://kalabrese.com

Admission: CHF 15 – the event will be held in English.

18:00 – Meet & Greet
19:00 – Lecture Susanne G. Seiler
20:15 – Discussion
21:00 – DJ Kalabrese

The event can also be followed online via this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85085741374?pwd=TzNTU1VZdG1SRXRzU3pxWkZSM1RCQT09
Meeting-ID: 850 8574 1374
Code: 579840

Additional dates: March 9, April 13, May 11, 2023.

Timothy Leary For Governor Of California, Poster by Joe Roberts Jr., 1969