Artist's book and edition presentation
A reading in Georgian and English with artist David Horvitz and introductory thoughts on the weather by Nina Kunz

There are 64 different terms for rain in the Georgian language. Artist David Horvitz worked with Tbilisi-based curator Elene Abashidze to collect these words. The result is a glossary that describes the subtle differences in how water can fall from the sky. The wealth of expressions for a single natural phenomenon also makes visible what we stand to lose from the effects of the climate crisis, when the variety of expressions for rain no longer apply.

The work was created on the occasion of the exhibition "The Palace of Concrete Poetry" at the Writers' House of Georgia in Tbilisi (September 9 – October 9, 2022). The artist's book "Წვიმა Rain" contains the entire glossary and is published by Edition Taube in an edition of 1000 unique copies, and a special edition printed with Georgian rainwater.

David Horvitz «Წვიმა Rain»