October 26, 2021 20:00–22:00
Artist Talk and Screening Izidora L. LETHE

We look back on «Songs to the Suns» – our guest performance on Monte Verità and are happy to talk with Izidora L. LETHE on October 26 about the work WE ( and to show the staged video documentation of the choreography / intervention in the Löwenbräu-Areal.

Some of the performers and contributors of the choreography / intervention will also be present.
Performers: Val Minnig, Stéph, Nina Emge, Jovin Joëlle Barrer, Hermes Schneider, Donya Speaks, Claudia Barth
Sound: Yantan Ministry
Camera: Diana Pfammatter, Antoine Felix Bürcher
Editing: Izidora L. LETHE

More about the «Songs to the Suns» and Izidora L. LETHE's work you can find here.

Cabaret Voltaire is currently being renovated. That's why we are guests at the Löwenbräu-Areal:
Level A, access Limmatstrasse 270 (by lift) & 268 (by stairs)
Admission: free of charge, registration not required

Izidora L. LETHE, WE ( , 2021, photo: Diana Pfammatter