May 4, 2021, 20:00
Salon der Republik

Relisten to the «Salon der Republik» here.

We invite you to the Salon with Patti Basler

New German-language poetry is the subject of the «Salon der Republik» on 4 May. Anyone can attend – from anywhere.

Everyone in Switzerland knows that Patti Basler is one of Switzerland's most successful comedians. And everyone knows as well, that she prefers to build her punchlines out of wordplay and language games. But far fewer people are aware that Patti Basler is also a poet. And that in her poems she sometimes rhymes «Klause» with «Meno-Pause» (or «leiser» with «Trip-Advisor»).

So it fits perfectly that she is our guest at the next «Salon der Republik» on Tuesday, May 4, starting at 20:00, and will be joined by the regular trio from Barbara Villiger Heilig, Daniel Binswanger and Daniel Graf to talk about new verses.

More precisely:
– about the lieder an das große nichts [songs to the great nothing], the debut of Juliane Liebert, who has also made a name for herself as a cultural journalist and pop specialist.
– and about Gestohlene Luft [stolen air] by Yevgeniy Breyger, a volume of poetry that is considered one of the most important of recent years.

And perhaps also about poems by Patti Basler?

In any case, you can attend the salon round from the comfort of your sofa – and join in the discussion, if you like. Despite the decision to open the doors, we will not be holding the event at Cabaret Voltaire, but digitally via videochat. So you can watch from any location. All you need is an Internet connection and click the link above at 20:00, on Tuesday, 4 May.

If you have any technical questions, simply contact us in advance at Admission to the digital salon is free. If you want to support us in any other way, we would be happy if you (continue to) read the Republik. Or follow the current program of the Cabaret Voltaire.

As always, we will record the event and publish it afterwards as an audio podcast in the Republik. Anyone who wants to can share their reading impressions in advance or raise questions that the panel should discuss. Simply use the comment function for this.