April 6 until April 10, 2021
Cracking Up and Staging Down: Tickle and Tackle Stand Up

The first act is on display for one week.Opening hours: Tuesday, 14:00–21:00 (opening);Wednesday–Saturday, 14:00–18:00; Sunday / Monday, on request.

Originally planned as soirées, the exhibition series «Cracking Up and Staging Down» sees itself as a possibility to work out functionings of humor and its sceneries. During four weeks, the extent to which the cross-border, social and critical potential of laughter and comedies (still) work will be examined at Cabaret Voltaire. Every Tuesday for one week, participants from different arts will contribute props, traces, works, their insights and documentations to the historic hall.

In the first act, Tickle and Tackle Stand Up, Kasia Fudakowski and Francesca Hawker gaze backstage and expose rituals and rules. Fudakowski focuses on the «Joke Gap» through the life and roles of comedian and actress Elisabeth Wellano, aka Liesl Karlstadt (1892–1960). «A joke can be seen as expendable social capital. Historically, a woman had to establish herself as respectable before she could invest in a joke.» At Cabaret Voltaire, Fudakowski will display research materials and props that will be activated as a performance in June. Francesca Hawker’s desire to «delight the undelighted face» (Anne Boyer) is thwarted by the empty bar that awaits her. She will therefore turn her attention to the making and breaking of alternative vessels of enjoyment. Hawker shows her Spaghetti Film, bar sculptures in the space, and a poetry menu that she activates on site on Tuesday between 14:00 and 21:00.

The series «Cracking Up and Staging Down» is organized with Martina Mächler and Anastasia McCammon.