A visit to the crypt gives you the opportunity to see the Dada network as a whole. On the ceiling you will find the «Firmament Dada», where all Dada places and all 165 Dadaists are listed. This includes the 21 presidents – they form the core of Dada, the 31 Oberdadas – active persons of the various Dada sites, 14 Superdadas – the spiritual fathers and mothers; as well as 99 Dada soldiers – people who were active in the context of Dada but perhaps did not know that they actually belonged to Dada.

On the walls you can see portraits of Dadaists in Zurich, New York (right wall) Paris, Cologne, Hanover and Berlin (left wall).

Kerim Seiler: «Ceci n’est pas un Onion», 2017

Here you can see the stage, which was developed by the Zurich artist Kerim Seiler and bears the name «Ceci n’est pas un Onion». It serves as a platform for our current «Fun & Fury!» performances.