Cabaret Voltaire’s Dada-Library documents the Dada Movement, illustrating how this famous era was characterized with Soirées from 1916 –1923 and represented as cultural movement from approximately 1910 –1940. A vast array of books in the library were donated by Dada collector Hans Bolliger. Additional contributions of books were later added by Guido Magnaguagno, further expanding the collection’s diversity and wealth of Dada literature. Cabaret Voltaire is continually adding new publications to the library.

The Dada-Library is located at Hotel Marktgasse and can be visited on request. The books cannot be handed out on loan.

The collection houses roughly 400 Dada-books, catalogues and documents. The library offers visitors access to a broad range of texts and publications, which often cannot be found online or in other libraries.

The comprehensive variety of publications is broad and includes topic books, biographies, periodicals, journals, exhibition catalogues, manifestos, poetry, chronicles, play scripts, dictionaries and a few videos.

Please consult our library list to facilitate your search if needed, however the list does not claim to be inclusive.