«Setting #14»

by Marcel Zaes (CH)

With the term «living installations», Marcel Zaes aims to conceptualize a novel form of artistic practice within the visual arts which transgresses the boundaries of sound art, classical composition, performance and installation art. Zaes uses the concept to describe those of his works that blend the ephemeral character of sound art with the three-dimensionality and site-specificity of installation art. The resulting oscillation between the performative, as embodied by the performers employed, and between the installative, represented by the various objects placed in the scene, is what constitutes the «living» and the «installation» elements of this new genre. In merging objects and human performers into plain sound-producing elements, both components are transformed into living sculptures; hierarchically equivalent constituents of a single, living space.

This «Fun & Fury!» Performance Dienst-Tag / To-Do's Day is part of the program Theatre of Sound curated by Philipp Cron (CH)

Free entrance!

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