Last Week (till 13.01.2019): «Learn To Fuck Yourself»


Carlos Amorales, Learn to Fuck Yourself
Carlos Amorales, Learn to Fuck Yourself, 2017 Gouache on paper, 128 x 180 cm, Image courtesy of Kurimanzutto and Estudio Amorales, Photo: Abigail Enzaldo and Emilio Garcia

Come and enjoy the Carlos Amorales's very performative installation for the last time!

Carlos Amorales created huge gouache drawings covering all the walls of the medieval house, that was first mentioned in the books shortly after Dante Alighieri wrote his «Divine Comedy». The vulgar expressions in the drawings do not just comment on today’s medieval style of our time, but also boldly challenge the artistic performances, the daily consumption and the social interaction happening in Cabaret Voltaire, the birthplace of Dada and elsewhere.

With «Learn To Fuck Yourself», Amorales therefore creates a performative installation that produces a new visionary utopia by occupying and mutilating the whole of this historically meaningful place.

In the frame of Amorales' «Learn To Fuck Yourself» installation, Cabaret Voltaire produced a limited edition «Learn To Fuck Yourself» Absinthe (100 bottles) with the drawings as labels. Yo can buy the bottles at the bar or order here.