When Emotions become Form

Dmitry Vilensky (Chto Delat) in conversation with Anastasia Chaguidouline

Screening starts at 17:45; free entry.

Screening and participatory conversation as part of the "Choreographing the Public" program and the Friday Curatorial Talks of the MAS in Curating at the ZHdK, Zurich. A screening of Chto Delat's newest film production "One Night" and a conversation with Dmitry Vilensky, a founding member of the St. Petersburg collective Chto Delat. "One Night" deals with topics of emotionality, (mis-)judgement, saturation via social media and fake news. The conversation that will start between Dmitry Vilensky and Anastasia Chaguidouline will organically and directly address and involve the audience as it evolves. The conversation touches, among others, upon emotion, current political climate(s) and smileys.

Dmitry Vilensky (born 1964) is a Russian artist, writer and activist. He is a founding member of the platform Chto Delat / What is to be done. Chto Delat is a collective of philosophers, writers, curators, artists, critics, among others that merge art, activism and political theory. Vilensky is also an editor of the Chto Delat newspaper. The collective Chto Delat / What is to be done was founded in early 2003 in St. Petersburg, Russia. The members of the collective strongly position themselves as internationalists, demanding the recognition of equality of all people; and feminists, positioned against all forms of gender inequality, homophobia and patriarchy.