S.H.T.F. the second chapter 

a performance by Nicola Genovese

"S.H.T.F. the second chapter" is the last chapter of the S.H.T.F. trilogy -  a series of performances /installations on the topic of apocalyptic manhood.
S.H.T.F. (Shits Hits the Fan) is an acronym deployed by survivalists to describe the end of the world, the big disaster. According to the narratives of white masculinity in crisis, the apocalyptic scenarios are the perfect frame where males can perform traditional masculinity based on physical strength and handy skills. Dreaming about the end of the world allows males to overcome their frustration that are the results of the perception of a threat of the feminisation process of society.

What happened in the other two chapters of the trilogy?
The prologue "Le sauvage" was focused on the parody of the myth of "going back to nature" and on the exoticization and exploitation of poor white males as a source of "authentic" masculinity. The first chapter was a performance/installation about the "preppers" (mostly white middle-class males who prepare themselves for the apocalypse) phenomenon and the disruption of the idealised "macho prepper".

The second chapter will be presented for the first time at Cabaret Voltaire. Though the leitmotiv of this performance is again "white masculinity in crisis", this time, the main character has to deal with a post-apocalyptic scenario that doesn't fit with his expectations.

With: Nicola Genovese
Guest performer: Magda Drozd

Curated by Philipp Cron for the «Theatre of Sound»