Orange Manta Ray Form

Cabaret Voltaire and its new mysterious partner will reveal the «Orange Manta Ray Form» magic tool!

When God recently visited Cabaret Voltaire in the form of a marionette puppet, he said: «First there was the word. And then there was action. But inbetween there were tons of protoplasm – he actually spoke German and said: «Ur-Schleim» –and coincidence.»

In the happy collaboration between Cabaret Voltaire and its new mysterious partner there was a lot of coincidence and even some protoplasm. It started with a word. The new mysterious partner (tnmp) approached Cabaret Voltaire this May 2018 to rent the space for an event, but as soon as tnmp was caught in the protoplasm of Cabaret Voltaire – the Dada legacy and spirit – quite immediately words became action. The idea to create something together ignited all protoplasma and opened up the space for coincidence.

So, Cabaret Voltaire and tnmp met for a brainstorming in the headquarters of tnmp and within the blink of an eye understood, that they love form and they love orange.

Dada, by creating protoplasmic chaos and eternally working with coincidence, was always longing for a «new form». Since the beginning of tnmp, decades before the birth of Dada, it has its own very special «Manta Ray» form, that distinguishes tnmp’s unique design from all other. Cabaret Voltaire and tnmp both use orange – not the presidential face orange – to highlight and color their precise actions and gestures.

Out of these coincidences the «Orange Manta Ray Form» arose like the aquila and cygnus constellations in summer and like a singularity, light years away opening up a gravitational force nobody can resist. Guided by the star constellations and driven by this force the «Orange Manta Ray Form» was created, combining the inner most essences of tnmp and Cabaret Voltaire like two elementary particles forming matter.

The first coincidental Big Bang created a magic tool for a «Flight out of Time», the «Orange Manta Ray Form», and is the lucky beginning of beautiful friendship.