«Not Alone»

with Samina Bazai (DK) & Søren Berner (DK)

Ribbit, ribbit !

Artist and curator Søren Berner and artist Samina Bazai are co-creating their new performance piece: "The Amphibian Way".

They seek to clear out old, stagnant energy stuck in the walls of Cabaret Voltaire and in the medium itself – Performance art.

This «Fun & Fury!» Performance Dienst-Tag / To-Do's Day is part of the program Not Alone curated by Søren Berner (DK)

Entrance fee: CHF 10.- (Cabaret Voltaire Members: free!)


Samina Bazai (*1985), Works in Copenhagen and Berlin, MFA 2014, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen.
Samina Bazai’s artistic production evolves through research, text, film and performance. Her work is characterized by a scientific approach through thorough research paired with elaborate storytelling focusing on the studied subject’s/object’s patterns of existence. Bazai tells her stories with disturbing discretion and with a peculiar eye for the unseen. The relationship between image and sound is a key interest. Her praxis is an accumulative process where layers of questions are being assembled in both theme and form. Her aim is for the narrative to be understood by itself, to be satiated by its own capacity to go beyond Bazai’s own initiation.