«Nosotrxs, Cuerpos de Agua»

by Jimena Croceri (AR) & Sarina Scheidegger (CH)

For the performance «Nosotrxs, Cuerpos de Agua» Jimena Croceri and Sarina Scheidegger have been developing a variety of sounds and noises coming from different sources like objects, recordings, live voices and texts. All of them connect in their own way to fluid conditions which are among others inherent in our bodies, the sea, (sound) waves, coconuts or glaciers. Not only are these fluids inherent in our bodies but moreover share parts of each other between them. Being inspired by the text «Bodies of water» by Astrida Neimanis - where she describes the pathway of a glass of water and how this glass of water we drink makes its way to the filtration plant towards hydroelectric power to an aquifer until it ends in a bottle of water from which we may drink again – the artists have tied their elements of the performance to the topics of (hydro)feminism, fluidity and the movement of liquids. In combining their different elements of objects and texts, spoken and chanted words and subtle movements with their bodies the two artists have created a collaborative practice which will further on develop in new appearances and performances.

This «Fun & Fury!» Performance Dienst-Tag / To-Do's Day is part of the program Not Alone curated by Søren Berner (DK)

Entrance fee: CHF 10.- (Cabaret Voltaire Members: free!)


Jimena Croceri lives and works in Buenos Aires. As a current fellowship of the exchange program «Coincidencia» by Pro Helvetia she is working with different mediums between performance, drawings and objects. Exhibitions and performances include, among others, Museum of modern Art (Buenos Aires), Faena Art Center (Buenos Aires), Ausstellungsraum Klingental (Basel), Flora Ars+Natura (Bogotá)

Sarina Scheidegger is an artist based in Basel, working in different collaborations. She received the “Swiss Performance Award” in 2012 as well as a the working grant of the city of Basel together with Ariane Koch in 2015. Her work was shown among others at Crisper (Bogota), Kunsthalle Basel (Basel), Swiss Art Awards, (Basel), Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin), IPA Performancefestival (Istanbul).