by Mavi Veloso

in the frame of «Zurich Moves»


Dieses Mal begann ich auf dem Boden. Etwas wird geschehen: Eine Explosion, die Zerstörung aller Ideen. Mit geschlossenen Augen halte ich das Mikrofon in meiner Hand. Ich lasse es über den Boden streichen, zeichne mit den Geräuschen eine Karte meiner Wege. In kompletter Dunkelheit lässt nur das Blitzlicht der Kameras erahnen, wie sich Bilder allmählich entwickeln. Können wir uns in Sicherheit wägen? Ich drehe die Lautstärke auf: Ich muss dich hören. Du musst mir zuhören. Dieser Soundtrack wird zu unserem Liebespakt. Ich tanze, krieche und gehe. Als ob diese Dunkelheit eine Revolution herbeiführen könnte.

MUDA/MUTE (stumm) ist Teil des Projekts #iwannamakerevolution. Eine Recherche, welche Mavi Veloso im Master of Voice am Sandberg Institut in Amsterdam, im Postmaster an der A.PASS in Brüssel sowie in Residenz bei ArtsEverywhere.ca erarbeitet hat. iwannamakerevolution.artseverywhere.ca


This time I started on the floor. I was afraid that what was going to happen could be a big destruction, something to explode everyone’s ideas. With eyes closed, I have the microphone in my hand. I touch it on the floor as if sticking the surface with sound could map me wherever to go. In complete darkness, camera flashes are the only way to highlight images gradually in development. We wonder if there’s possibility to be safe until the end. I turn up the sound as high as possible. I need to hear you, you need to hear me, we need to hear what. So how can we make this soundtrack become our pact of love? How can we make this noise witness the crime between you and I? I dance, I crawl, I walk... As if this blindness could turn revolution something possible.

MUDA/MUTE is part of the project #iwannamakerevolution, a research conducted at Master of Voice at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam, postmaster research at A.PASS in Brussels, Belgium, and project in residency at ArtsEverywhere.ca iwannamakerevolution.artseverywhere.ca




Mavi Veloso is a Brazilian performer based in Amsterdam who works transdisciplinary integrating visual art, dance, theater and music. Her work explores performativity, the relationship between performer and audience, trans feminism and decolonization. As a transgender migrant from South America to Europe, Mavi seeks to embody and appropriate the transformation process, psychological, social and physical, conflicts and cultural adaptation procedures, as well as fashion, queer, trans and drag queen elements to question gender technologies, notions of identity, sexuality, placement and displacement. She has presented in venues and festivals including the van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, Kampnagel in Hamburg, Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels, Les Urbaines in Lausanne and the 31st Biennial of São Paulo.


Concept and performance: Mavi Veloso
In Collaboration with: Caio Cesar, Glenn Ryszko, Raphael Daibert, Olga Dimitrijević.
Many thanks to: Thiemi Higashi (video maker), COMO Clube São Paulo, Advanced Performance and Scenography, Pierre Rubio, Lilia Mestre, Perform Back Score Sessions, Nicolas Y Galeazzi, Elke van Campenhout, Adva Zakai, Peter Stamer, Philippine Hoegen, Performing Arts Forum , Sign 6 Brussels, Free Home University, Ammirato Culture House (Lecce), Master of Voice, Lisette Smiths, Marnie Slater, Paul Elliman, Dorothé Orczyk, Snejanka Mihaylova, and all colleagues from Master of Voice/Sandberg Instituut, Suzy Block, Dansmakers, @Jacuzzi Amsterdam.