by Belia Winnewisser (CH)

On the occasion of the presentation at Cabaret Voltaire, Belia Winnewisser will stage a site-specific performance.

More details will follow shortly before the «Fun & Fury!» Performance Dienst-Tag/To-Do's Day.

This «Fun & Fury!» Performance Dienst-Tag/To-Do's Day is part of the program Theatre of Sound curated by Philipp Cron (CH)

Entrance fee: CHF 10.- (Cabaret Voltaire Members: free!)

Biography Belia Winnewisser (CH)

lives and works in Lucerne. She holds a Master's Degree in «Contemporary Arts Practice» of the Berne University of Arts. During her Bachelors in «Sound Art» at the Berne University of Arts she focussed on sound synthesis and minute motor acticity, the technical skills for audio installations as well as film and live-electronics. In the fall of 2016 Winnewisser studied in Bergen (NO) at the School for Art and Design with an emphasis on visual animation and prodicung electronic music. Today she performs in national as well as international art spaces. Next to her works and her musical solo projects she is active in the musical projects A=f/m (LU, BE) and Silver Firs (BE).