Learn to Fuck Yourself - Special Edition Absinthe Launch

designed by Carlos Amorales and Ivan Martinez

Mexican artist Carlos Amorales created a series of gouaches entitled "Learn to Fuck Yourself" that transform all of the medieval building in which Cabaret Voltaire is located into a performative installation. To commemorate this series, we have produced a Special Limited Edition of "Learn to Fuck Yourself" Absinthe.

Mexican designer Ivan Martinez designed 100 bottles each with a different numbered label and with different drawings from Amorales gouaches on it.

Get your "Learn to Fuck Yourself" Special Edition Absinthe now, directly in Cabaret Voltaire.

During the Zürich Art Weekend Absinthe Launch, we will offer absinthe degustations of the «Learn to Fuck Yourself» Special Edition and Cabaret Voltaire’s "Fun & Fury" Absinthe.

«Learn to Fuck Yourself» Special Edition Absinthe, 55cl, 70 Vol %, 1-100, CHF 165.-

«Fun & Fury», 70cl, 50 Vol %, CHF 150.-