«HQ: (I feel so Mezzaniney)»

by Steven Warwick & Carlos María Romero

in the frame of «Zurich Moves»

«HQ: (I feel so Mezzaniney)» ist eine Verschmelzung von Warwicks ortssensitiver «Mezzanine»-Serie und Maria Romeros Interesse an Go-go als Ausdrucksform zwischen Performance und Dekor.
In diesem fiktiven Hauptquartier verrichten die Tänzerinnen (Las Mezzaninas) als Dienstmädchen Arbeiten und tragen klassische Konflikte des Plattformkapitalismus aus, in dem Selbstpflege-Rituale und die Bildung von Gemeinschaften monetisiert werden und Gaslighting, eine Form psychischer Gewalt, jegliches Vertrauen zerstört. Sie leben in einer Welt, in der Körper und Klang zerlegt und auf minimale Rhythmen reduziert werden, um eine Atmosphäre zu schaffen, in der Geld bewegt werden soll.
In der Reflexion zeitgenössischer Gefühle der Isolation wird deutlich, dass Fragen der Handlungsmacht und auffällige Darstellungen sozialer Interaktionen unweigerlich mit diesem beunruhigenden Zeitalter des Populismus verbunden sind.

HQ: (I feel so Mezzaniney) is a collaboration conflating Warwick’s site sensitive ‘Mezzanine’ series and Maria Romero's interest in Go-Go as form of work half way between performance and decor.

In this fictive HQ the dancers (Las Mezzaninas) are maids-in-waiting, performing labour and acting out the conflicts found in, and on, platform-capitalism, where self-care routines and community-building are monetised, and gaslighting fragments trust. They inhabit an ecology where bodies and sound are dissected and reduced to minimal rhythms sculpting an ambient to make money move.

Reflecting upon contemporary feelings of isolation, questions of agency and conspicuous displays of social interactions are linked to an age of unsettling populism.



Concept, direction: Steven Warwick & Carlos Maria Romero

Music, text: Steven Warwick

Choreography, performance: Carlos Maria Romero

Performers: Indward De Jesus Romero Mercedes

Production: Michel Hart

Photo credit: Photos by Pedro Anguila

Video credit: Developed at FUGA, video edit by Ana Escario


Carlos Maria Romero aka Atabey Mamasita

UK-based Colombian multidisciplinary artist / performer. Founder of SPIT! –Sodomites, Perverts, Inverts Together! with whom they wrote (initially for Frieze Projects 2017) and perform a series of queer manifestos ; Vividero Colectivo –multidisciplinary artists and architects re-claiming as cultural heritage historically marginalised social practices and architectural sites; and Vogue-Chi, a multi-generational queer and allies movement practice and safe space for self-expression and coming together.

Steven Warwick is an artist musician and writing based in Berlin.
Warwick’s practice is paradigmatic of an interdisciplinary approach that encompasses DJing and theatre-making along with art, music and writing. His work is disseminated on a multitude of platforms including records, galleries, nightclubs, publications and the Internet. Across these contexts, Warwick creates assemblages of performance, image, sound and language that speak to the ways in which ideologies construct and inhabit spaces, online and offline – from co-working spaces to clubs, television shows and online chat rooms. In its pluralistic live forms, Warwick’s work redefines the expectations and conventions that accompany events such as concerts and public lectures.