«Are we bodies?»

Dylan Spencer-Davidson (US)

with Dylan Spencer-Davidson (US)

Spencer-Davidson will develop a site specific performance, working with performance, music and video. His practice is concerned with the mediation of affect, desire and embodiment in interpersonal communication. His performances are the result of research processes into psychological and physical therapies. In Spencer-Davidson's work, physical movement is used as a strategy to bypass the conscious, ever-rationalising mind, and access embodied vocabularies that productively challenge the dominant doctrines of our time.

This «Fun & Fury!» Performance Dienst-Tag / To-Do's Day is part of the program Are we bodies? curated by Vlada Maria Tcharyeva (CH)

Image: Dylan Spencer Davidson: «I don't feel safe to tell you», Performance at Haus N, Athens, 2018.

Biography Dylan Spencer Davidson (US)

lives and works in Berlin and London. In 2012 Spencer graduates in Master of Fine Arts at the Royal College of Art in London after completing his Bachelor in Literature at the University of Cambridge in 2010. His recent performances have been presented at FS, Liverpool (2018); Haus N, Athens (2018); OUTPOST, Norwich (2018), Ashley, Berlin (2017); Evening Class, London (2017); Studio Voltaire, London (2017); V&A, London (2017); Guest Projects, London (2017); Eastside Projects, Birmingham (2016). He completed a BA in Modern and Medieval Languages at the University of Cambridge and an MA in Communication Art & Design at the Royal College of Art, London.