«Concrete Desert Migrants» Vernissage

by Altherr/Weiss

The Vernissage will be accompanied by a performance by The Sea Shell Choir

Altherr/Weiss, a Zurich based interdisciplinary studio, presents a light installation that explores the welcoming atmosphere of Cabaret Voltaire to migrants with their variety of views, eccentricity and blurring the boundaries of stagnantly understood art.

The migrants came from the Concrete Desert that ends up at the shore of Asphalt Black Sea where they use to run their businesses or were preoccupied with absurd activities.
A rapid climate change caused unbearable concrete-sand hurricanes, earthquakes and black sizzling storms on the sea of asphalt, so the Concrete Desert survivors decided to gather round at the crypt of Dada House and discuss the further steps.

To introduce just a few:

Yes and No are a couple running a fortune telling business and a dacha at the Asphalt Black Sea. The visitors can ask them any question and they would gladly respond: Yes, No, No, Yes-No and so on and so forth.

The Mood transformation Machine is usually marching through the concrete desert, and, like a combine-harvester swallowing the crops of waving fields, it would swallow the travellers in a rigid, square mood only to let them out on the other end, all round and bouncy, open to broad horizons.

The Hungry Table Puppy, since its mother was raped and slaughtered at night, searches for a better place to live. He is utterly self-sufficient as the seeds and nuts he eats sprout in his allotment–stomach–garden.

Mr. Drip and Mr. Drop is an insatiable duo specializing in production of potions and drinks of variety of effects. Drip is regularly massaging his stomach to release a drop for Drop causing the latter to love him infinitely.

Come along, explore and get to know them all.