Camilla Parini «Still Leben»

«Pochi sanno quante donne ci sono in me.» (Few people know how many women there are in me)

Anaïs Nin

The words «Still» and «Leben» if united in a single word in German means «still life». By separating the two words, multiple meanings can be obtained: still life, to live in silence; quietness. Different meanings open up different possibilities that in some way reveal a fragile boundary between stillness, death and life. The portrait Parini portrays is in continouous movement of a woman faded by time, of a figure without boundaries that changes its forms and which is told through the irony and melancholy of a solitude that, sometimes or often, also keeps us company.

presented by Progetto 6000*

Progetto 6000 is an experimental public programme for emerging artists from Ticino curated by Tara Lasrado and Alessandra Gabaglio. From March to June 2018 seven contemporary artists from Ticino will be presented in a series of performances, presentations and artists talks in art spaces and institutions in Zürich.