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Soirées Musicales | Music For Eggplant

LAST STOP: Dada on Tour Bucuresti

Soirées Musicales - GIL

GIL (Danse Noire, CH/DE)

Soirées Musicales – Maloon The Boom

Maloon The Boom (Boyoom Connective, ZH) mit Live Rap Beats. 

Große Denker 3*: Mladen Dolar

Das Weibliche Prinzip Dada - Eine Stadterkundung

Students Go Dada & Instant City Reloaded – ICR

Die BUX App – der literarische Stadtführer für Zürich - ist da(da)!

Talk by Adrian Notz – Director of Cabaret Voltaire, followed by a panel with Saleh Barakat – gallerist and Catherine Hansen - art historian.This panel will look into and launch the future of the next 100 years of Dada.

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After analyzing and researching the last 100 years of Dada, we turn towards the next 100 years. By looking at the ideas and achievements of the Dadaists and the myth of Cabaret Voltaire, we can create a «Gesamtkunstwerk» (Total work of Art) out of the monument of the Birthplace of Dada, located in the spa of the world, Zurich. This «Art of the Upswing» will help us to gain attitude and style and become the trickster of the future.

in Station Beirut, Secteur 66, rue 90; Jisr El Wati - Beirut, Lebanon

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