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@ Cabaret Voltaire, Spiegelgasse 1, 8001 Zürich

Live Concert (2014) is a test site to challenge and re-experiment with the relationships between sound and movement. The work tries to completely avoid a possible theatrical narrative, and instead follows instinct as its guiding policy, while working on the perfection of details and leaving nothing to improvisation. The musicians’ movements relate to a complex layering of drumming sounds, with the aim to create a solid, unified, rhythmic body.

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Previous presentations include: A L’ARME Festival, Berlin; Santarcangelo Festival (IT).

This «Fun & Fury!» Performance Dienst-Tag / To-Do's Day is part of the program It Takes All The Fucking Time curated by Michelangelo Miccolis (IT)


Biography Dewel Dell (IT)

was formed in 2007 by Teodora, Demetrio, Agata Castellucci and Eugenio Resta Since then the company has created seven performances that have been presented in the main festivals across Europe as well as in Australia (Melbourne Festival) and the U.S. (University of Wesleyan). Their work Marzo (2013) has been created in collaboration with Japanese visual artist Yuchi Yokoyama and theater director Kuro Tanino. Marzo’s world premiere took place in Graz, at Steirischer Herbst Festival, and its Italian premiere has been presented at the Venice Biennale, in the frame of Biennale Danza 2014. Dewey Dell has been part of the project Fies Factory/Centrale Fies from 2008 to 2013 and part of APAP (Advancing Performing Arts Project) from 2013 to 2016. Dewey Dell is now based between Cesena, Berlin and Vilnius.

@ Cabaret Voltaire, Spiegelgasse 1, 8001 Zürich

Mirroring historical premises that have been raised within the walls of Cabaret Voltaire, Frederique Pisuisse exposes a site-specific performance with a focus on the elementary features of cabaret or theater. Unfolding a bodily interplay between performer, backdrop and audience, Pisuisse evokes a tactile audience participation by building a relation between audience members and materials used on stage.

The props - built by the audience - form the set for a mysterious saga which takes part on a volcanic island within the ocean. What comes from within this island, emits radiation. Phone signals interfere with the soundtrack, visualising the knitted web of an audience that is normally hidden. Meanwhile, the storyteller takes the viewer on a journey into the core of the earth and back.

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Investigating the future labourism of artistic production in times of artificial intelligence, Pisuisse raises questions around the necessity to physically produce art: is the labour of humankind really that essential for making art? Or can nature and/ or AI take over? Which bodies are the ones in charge? Does the human body predict what AI does, or is it the other way round?

This «Fun & Fury!» Performance Dienst-Tag / To-Do's Day is part of the program Are We Bodies? curated by Vlada Maria Tcharyeva (CH)

Image Credit: «Frederique Pisuise: Artist Talk, South London Gallery»; Image Courtesy of the Artist, 2017

Biography Frederique Pisuisse (NL)

Frederique Pisuisse (1986, NL) lives and works in Europe. graduated from Goldsmiths London in 2016 and from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2013. She is the co-founder of Cosmocarl, an online platform hosting hyperlinks to projects by artists, writers, thinkers and curators.

The work of Frederique Pisuisse explores the infrastructures of the art world. She is particularly interested in the construction of the network of people and objects that constitute an art scene; from intern to freeport, from backroom to dirty shipper. By questioning the deep-rooted habits she interrogates different socio-political identities and hierarchies in an era that is dominated by omnipresent forces of neoliberalism.

Recent exhibitions include Let’s (L)Arp at Arp Museum (Germany, 2018), This Site is Under Revolution at Moscow Biennale for Young Art (2018), What Happens in Bond, Stays in Bond at Art Rotterdam (2018), Bond-Ware at UNSEEN (Amsterdam, 2018), Quasi Commons at ICA London (2017), The Artist Talk at South London Gallery (2017). Pisuisse took part in group and duo exhibitions at London (2016), At7 Amsterdam (2017), Margate Festival (2016), P/////akt Amsterdam (2014), Kim? Riga (2014), Galerie Fons Welters (2013).

@ Cabaret Voltaire, Spiegelgasse 1, 8001 Zürich

This «Fun & Fury!» Performance Dienst-Tag / To-Do's Day is part of the program Not Alone curated by Søren Berner (DK)

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1920' industrial sounds from Russia. Two workers, two speeches. Reflected moving images projected throughout the space with a constellation of mirrors creates the setting. Underground versus overground.

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Merzedes Sturm-Lie (1991, based in Brussels/BE and Stockholm/SE)

is a multimedia artist and curator. In her work she investigates history as a spiral of infinite construction and de(con)struction. When producing works she searches for ways to understand the complexity of power and to question that which appears natural, but is in fact a construction. She studied at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm and has co-founded several artist-run spaces in both Brussels (Swallowing Helmets, Espace0IN) and Stockholm (Sekten, Konstattack).

Søren Berner (*1977 in Kopenhagen/DK, based in Zurich/CH)

Søren Berner works on the interface of performance, visual art and artistic intervention. He uses a participatory approach, cross/crush boundaries between audience and artists, institutions and public space. The conditions under which his performances and co-operations are brought to life are under constant critical evaluation. Søren's works has been shown a. o. at the Istanbul Biennale; MAK - Museum of Contemporary Art, Vienna; Kunsthaus Zürich; Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen; Helmhaus Zürich; Burningman, Nevada; Brandts Museum, Odense. He Studied at the Rietveld Academy of Fine. Co-curates at Cabaret Voltaire in Zürich. Currently Guest Teacher at Zürich University oft he Arts, Bern University oft he Arts and at the Danish School of Art (Kunsthøjskolen på Ærø).

Cabaret Voltaire and its new mysterious partner will reveal the «Orange Manta Ray Form» magic tool!

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When God recently visited Cabaret Voltaire in the form of a marionette puppet, he said: «First there was the word. And then there was action. But inbetween there were tons of protoplasm – he actually spoke German and said: «Ur-Schleim» –and coincidence.»

In the happy collaboration between Cabaret Voltaire and its new mysterious partner there was a lot of coincidence and even some protoplasm. It started with a word. The new mysterious partner (tnmp) approached Cabaret Voltaire this May 2018 to rent the space for an event, but as soon as tnmp was caught in the protoplasm of Cabaret Voltaire – the Dada legacy and spirit – quite immediately words became action. The idea to create something together ignited all protoplasma and opened up the space for coincidence.

So, Cabaret Voltaire and tnmp met for a brainstorming in the headquarters of tnmp and within the blink of an eye understood, that they love form and they love orange.

Dada, by creating protoplasmic chaos and eternally working with coincidence, was always longing for a «new form». Since the beginning of tnmp, decades before the birth of Dada, it has its own very special «Manta Ray» form, that distinguishes tnmp’s unique design from all other. Cabaret Voltaire and tnmp both use orange – not the presidential face orange – to highlight and color their precise actions and gestures.

Out of these coincidences the «Orange Manta Ray Form» arose like the aquila and cygnus constellations in summer and like a singularity, light years away opening up a gravitational force nobody can resist. Guided by the star constellations and driven by this force the «Orange Manta Ray Form» was created, combining the inner most essences of tnmp and Cabaret Voltaire like two elementary particles forming matter.

The first coincidental Big Bang created a magic tool for a «Flight out of Time», the «Orange Manta Ray Form», and is the lucky beginning of beautiful friendship.

Cabaret Voltaire invites you to the pre-launch with Cally Spooner and Palm Wine to the new edition of «Fun & Fury!», starting February 2019.

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Cally Spooner (UK, 1983) returns to Cabaret Voltaire with one of her most distinctive works, Warm Up (2016). The work consists of a female figure occupying different areas throughout the space, maintaining a constant negotiation between rehearsal and a never-to-be realized presentation. Performed in Zurich by Ilaria Genovesio

Italian artist Simone Bertuzzi (IT, 1982), from acclaimed duo Invernomuto, will take the main floor with his solo musical project Palm Wine. Setting the tone of the evening with a sound intervention followed by a live dj-set.

Emphasizing the need for care, maintenance and community, we are here to celebrate the space and what’s to come at Cabaret Voltaire.

Michelangelo Miccolis, guest-curator

Lange Nacht der Zürcher Museen

Die Cabaret Voltaire Bar, das pulsierende Herz, lädt im Sinne Dadas ein, 15 verschiedenen Absinths und den einmaligen "Dada Sour" zu kosten.

designed by Carlos Amorales and Ivan Martinez

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Mexican artist Carlos Amorales created a series of gouaches entitled "Learn to Fuck Yourself" that transform all of the medieval building in which Cabaret Voltaire is located into a performative installation. To commemorate this series, we have produced a Special Limited Edition of "Learn to Fuck Yourself" Absinthe.

Mexican designer Ivan Martinez designed 100 bottles each with a different numbered label and with different drawings from Amorales gouaches on it.

Get your "Learn to Fuck Yourself" Special Edition Absinthe now, directly in Cabaret Voltaire.

During the Zürich Art Weekend Absinthe Launch, we will offer absinthe degustations of the «Learn to Fuck Yourself» Special Edition and Cabaret Voltaire’s "Fun & Fury" Absinthe.

«Learn to Fuck Yourself» Special Edition Absinthe, 55cl, 70 Vol %, 1-100, CHF 165.-

«Fun & Fury», 70cl, 50 Vol %, CHF 150.-

Chapter 3: Consequences

A Spoken Word performance in process with Anaïs Wenger and Eva Zornio

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"Le théâtre est comme la peste ou on en meurt ou on en guérit 'purifié' c’est un révélateur dans la cité." (Antonin Artaud)

Presented by Progetto 6000*

Free entry, kollekte for artists

Performance in English

Progetto 6000 is an experimental public programme for emerging artists from Ticino curated by Tara Lasrado and Alessandra Gabaglio. From March to June 2018 seven contemporary artists from Ticino will be presented in a series of performances, presentations and artists talks in art spaces and institutions in Zürich.

Performance / Concert by Chino Amobi (US)

Curated by Philipp Cron (CH)

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Born to Nigerian parents and based in Virginia, USA, Chino Amobi – alongside his counterparts, Congolese-Belgian, Nkisi, and Portuguese-South African, Angel Ho – forms NON: a collective of African artists, and of the diaspora, using sound as their primary media, to articulate the visible and invisible structures that create binaries in society, and in turn distribute power.

Key releases include the critically acclaimed full length debut Paradiso, the follow up from the vital Airport Music for Black Folk, which presented a radical perspective on contemporary electronic music, and impressions of the airport as an international space and yet a totally Eurocentric & Western manicured experience; and the Izlamic Europe collaboration with Rabit. Amobi weaves music and politics in a way other artists of his generation didn’t and don’t dare, exemplifying his strengths in providing unified themes and subversive insight to the wider consciousness.

Recent presentations include Boiler Room MoMA New York, Knockdown Center New York, Berghain Berlin, CTM Festival Berlin, Unsound Krakov

Limited places available. Reserve your ticket via:
CHF 15.- (CHF 10.- for students)
Free for Cabaret Voltaire members