Thus I Spoke

With Dora García (ES), Krõõt Juurak (EE), Cally Spooner (UK), Christodoulos Panayiotou (CY) and Adriana Lara (MX)

Curated by Michelangelo Miccolis (IT)

THUS I SPOKE is a performance series which brings together a selection of recent proposals by a number of internationally renowned and emerging artists characterized by the presence of the artist himself, or his/her stand-in, as the activator of the work. Using unique devices and different formats of presentation, yet all resisting to notions of spectacle and the use of elaborate stage theatrics, the five performances in the programme will take place episodically over the course of the fall season.

THUS I SPOKE aims to reconsider the positioning of both the artist and the audience in regards to one another, to investigate the latent hierarchies at the core of this mutable and ongoing relationship as well as the constant renegotiations which are inevitably triggered within it in the name of knowledge and sharing of experience.

«The Artist Without Works – A Guided Tour Around Nothing», 2008

Performance by Dora García (ES), performed by Michelangelo Miccolis (IT) and Laura Sabel (DE)

02.09.2017, 19:30, 21:30, 00:00
«The Artist Without Works – A Guided Tour Around Nothing» consists of a guided tour in the museum, about an artist that refuses to produce anything. The tour guide speaks about this artist but at the same time is not informing the visitors about anything. The public is left empty-handed because all materiality seems to be evacuated from the situation. What will happen if the supposedly active element, the work of the artist, is eliminated from the formula? It works like a chemistry experiment where the active element in a substance comes to be known only by eliminating every other element. What will happen to the elements that are left: the museum as context, the expectations of the public, the verdict afterwards, and other unwritten rules of contemporary art? All of a sudden these invisible elements become visible and are horizontally placed without an artwork that could distract the attention, exactly because the artist never presented it. An uneasy feeling fills the empty space where the absence of art rules.
Previous presentations include: Miami Art Basel (2008); 54th Venice Biennale (2011); Stedelijk SMBA, Amsterdam (2014); VERBO São Paulo (2016); Oslo Pilot (2016); Hamburger Kunstverein (2016).

«The Place of the Grave», 2013

Performance by/with Krõõt Juurak (EE)

12.09.2017, 20:00
A girl was playing in the house and suddenly the Grave came to the girl and said: «Little girl, little girl, you can play here but you have to close the doors and windows.» The girl said yes and continued to play. Then the Grave came a second time and said: «Little girl, little girl, you can play here but you have to remember to close the doors and windows.» The girl said yes again and continued to play. For the third time the Grave came to the girl and said: «Little girl, little girl, you can play here but you have to remember to close the doors and windows.» The girl said yes, and continued to play.
Previous presentations include: CAC Geneva; PAF – Performing Art Forum, St Erme; Kunstverein Langenhagen. 

«United in Stomach Flu, London Weeps: Excerpts from a Novel (or Possibly a Film Script) in Progress», 2017

Performance by/with Cally Spooner (UK)

10.10.2017, 20:00
Cally Spooner reads from her novel in progress, interspersed with some unwritten thoughts for 2017, on states of rehearsal, Galileoʼs telescope, out-of-work speech writers, sweat, shame, structured reality, fake news, false tears and outsourcing.
Previous presentations include: Serpentine Galleries, London (UK).

«Dying On Stage», 2015

Performance by Christodoulos Panayiotou (CY), performed by dancer Jean Capeille (FR)

21.11.2017, 20:00, Duration: 2h 15min.
Christodoulos Panayiotou’s lecture-performance Dying On Stage is a meditation on the impossible theatrical representation of death. Taking as its starting point Rudolf Nureyev’s 1991 staging of the classical ballet «La Bayadère», which was choreographed whilst Nureyev’s health was critically deteriorating, Dying On Stage explores various literal, metaphorical, and symbolic deaths by examining the vicious relationship between the spectator, the actor and the characters trapped in the action.
Previous presentations include: Stromboli Volcano Extravaganza 2015; Serpentine Galleries, London; Performa 15 and more recently the Onassis Foundation in Athens and the CND (Centre National de la Dance) after the invitation of Jérôme Bel (Lab Bel).

«Untitled Speech – Cabaret Voltaire», premiere

Performance by Adriana Lara (MX)

19.12.2017, 20:00
Adriana Lara will develop a site specific performance for this last evening of the first season.