Learn to Fuck Yourself

Carlos Amorales, Learn to Fuck Yourself, 2017, Gouache on paper 128 x 180 cm, Image courtesy of Kurimanzutto and Estudio Amorales, Photo: Abigail Enzaldo and Emilio Garcia

Gouaches by Carlos Amorales (MX)

01.09.2017, 18:00 Opening

Carlos Amorales created new drawings to change the appearance of Cabaret Voltaire. These huge gouache drawings will cover all the walls of the medieval house, that was first mentioned in the books shortly after Dante Alighieri wrote his «Divine Comedy». The vulgar drawings do not just comment on today’s medieval style of our time, but also boldly challenge the artistic performances, the daily consumption and the social interaction happening in Cabaret Voltaire, the birthplace of Dada and elsewhere. With Learn to Fuck Yourself, Amorales therefore creates a performative installation that produces a new visionary utopia by occupying and mutilating the whole of this historically meaningful place.

Cyclops, 2016

Performance by and with Carlos Amorales (MX), Philippe Eustachon (FR) and Enrique Arriaga (MX)

01.09.2017, 19:00

On Black Friday, the 25th of March 2016, Carlos Amorales (MX), Enrique Arriaga (MX) and Philippe Eustachon (FR), with a special appearance of Adrian Notz (CH), presented for the first time ever their archaic-futuristic performance as Cyclops with and on the «Obsession Dada» copper stage in the crypt of Cabaret Voltaire. The copper stage was a tribal instrument for Cyclops, from which they produced abyssal bass sounds by stabbing various microphones on it. Together they wanted to reach the dark side. Meanwhile Cyclops performed in various places around the world and have become a band represented by Harmonipan Editions, where they promote themselves as follows on:

«Cyclops is a morphing entity with shifting and fragmented perspectives through a monocle circular point of view. This creature promotes the Ideological Cubism doctrine while seeking to scrape concrete reality by means of performance, poetry, and noise. Existing since mythological times but incarnated in 2016 as a trio by artist Carlos Amorales at the microphone percussion, actor Philippe Eustachon as the front head with voice and trumpet, and sound experimentalist Enrique Arriaga at the modular synthesizer, Cyclops performances are unique pieces of introspective rituals of an obscure unworldly source. It’s influences range form Antonin Artaud’s «Glossolalia» to Chet Baker’s «Scars», and from «Horrific Comedy» to early West Coast electronic sounds. The band has performed at Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich and Kadist, San Francisco. Cyclops has outcomes on video, lectures, press insertions and is currently working on a musical play.»