165 Celebration Days: Obsession Dada

The 100th anniversary of Dada and of Cabaret Voltaire will be launched with “Obsession Dada: 165 celebration days”. It is an excessive, challenging and madness inducing undertaking, pushing the boundaries to the extreme. Festivities will take place in the format of daily Soirées and a daily Offizium to be held every morning in order to transform Cabaret Voltaire into an artistic haunt, whereby the event is to be the highlight.

Performances at the Crypt
“Obsession Dada”, an exhibition located at the Crypt at Cabaret Voltaire, is co-curated by Adrian Notz and Una Szeemann. It is an installation occupying the entire space of a room and is envisioned as a “Stage of Obsessions”. The body of the stage, designed by Una Szeemann is crafted out of copper and built by Markus Kummer. It is a platform to host performances, presentations, talks and manifestos.

“I conceive this exhibition as an explorative journey to the many intentions of obsessions. By following this path, I’m encountering many beautiful islands”, says Una Szeemann.

The launch for the festivities will take place on 5 February 2016 with artist collective Lu Cafausu, followed by Oppy De Bernardo & Aldo Mozzini, Garrett Nelson, Domenico Billari, James Stephen Wright, Thomas Hirschhorn, Marcel Janco, Carlos Amorales, Michele Robecchi, Gianni Motti, Shana Lutker, Nedko Solakov, Pilar Albarracin, Lily Reynaud Dewar, Grupo EmpreZa, Giovanni Morbin and Königreiche von Elgaland-Vargaland (KREV).

Archive Harald Szeemann

The exhibition is based on documents from the archives of the late great curator Harald Szeemann (1933-2005). The archive located at the Getty Research Center since 2011.
More than 500 documents, structured into five works are thus published and offer a deeper insight into the archives, which are inclusive of more than one thousand documents.
The publications “Einmanntheater”, “Hugo Ball 1886-1927”, “Museum der Obsessionen”, “Junggesellenmaschinen” and “Der Hang zum Gesamtkunstwerk” provide with the help of reproductions, a glimpse into Harald Szeemann’s attitude to his work.

Publications of manifestos as handouts are by:

Carlos Amorales, Oppy de Bernardo & Aldo Mozzini, Domenico Billari, Martin Chramosta, Marcel Duchamp, Rainer Ganahl, Markus Kummer, Ingeborg Lüscher, Garrett Nelson, Adrian Notz, Esteban Pagés, Lia Perjovschi, Dan Perjovschi, Dragana Sapanjos, Nedko Solakov, Lawrence Weiner, uvm.

Anthology «Obsession Dada» can be purchased at Cabaret Voltaire,
ISBN 978-3-9524111-7-9, available in the shop (CHF 100.–). Limited edition of 150 publications.

“Offizium” for the most renowned 165 Dadaists

Analogue to the above mentioned events, Adrian Notz will dedicate a daily Offizium to each member of the Dadaists, at 06:30 am.
On Hans Arp’s official day of commemoration, “Die Schwalbenhode” will be recited. Sopie Taeuber-Arp will be honored on the 24th of February.

Festivities will take place every night in the format of Soireés. To name but a few, on the 10th of Feburary, Sopie Taeuber-Arp’s “The Robot King” will come to life and performed as a puppet play, a marionette acting with six female dancers. Furthermore, following a “Hacktion” intervention lasting for 36 hours on the 5th of March, “The Dead Brothers” a cult band from Geneva will perform. Internationally famous performance group, “Blago Bung”, a name deviated from Hugo Ball’s vocal lyrics, will perform a Lyric-Concert on the 9th of April.

Obsession Dada
5 February – 15 May 2016
Documents from Harald Szeemann’s Archive
Weekly soirées with contemporary artists

165 Holidays
Daily: “Offizien”
06:30 am 5 February to 18 July 2016